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One of the victims was living in my brother's house.  She disappeared, leaving him to bring in the police and catch the conman.

My Current Recommendation:

I was dying to find out what happened next at each twist and turn of this book.  A gripping story, some interesting procedure stuff and the contrasting insight into the mind of the killer added up to a very enjoyable tale.

Suggested Reading:

Suggested reading on a variety of subjects. I'll be adding more books on more subjects as time permits.

These are some books I've had recommended to understand the financial world and its background:

Dealing with finance

Some background.
To understand how economies and business operate, it helps to have some historical and sociological background on how they operate and how they came about.

Some psychology
In the end, the financial world is driven by people acting as individuals, so some insight into how people think and why they act as they do is useful.

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