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Mar 2003 Cailin's 7th birthday party Cailin's Party 3/2003
Mar 2003 Weekend trip to Bocairent medieval town near Valencia Bocairent town Bocairent square Family in square
Winter Sledding in the mountains, Christmas dinner, Fergus' 5th & Angus' 3rd birthday parties
Woosh! Amanda & Angus Christmas Dinner 2003. Porto Nuevo Restaurant More Cake!! Mmm chocolate cake! Fergus Party 2003 Angus Party 2003
Sep 2002 Felix now sitting unaided, but he's gone native wearing traditional Madrid costume. Felix el madrileño
Aug 2002 Summer in the UK. I spent the hottest 2 days of the UK summers assembling a swing/fort contraption in the garden of Amanda's parents. Thankfully, the weather stayed good enough for it to be used. Doodles on the swing  
Aug 2002 Annual visit to Louise & John Davies in Northants. Tea in the garden. Whilst the parents relax with shared childcare duties. Nice 'ere, innit? Kiddies Tea Fergus on swing
Aug 2002 Felix' christening, with godparents Phil & Linda. And he's off! Phil & Linda with Felix So you're my Dad's folks, eh?
June 2002 Richard & Fiona holidaying in Conil, near Cadiz, on the Costa de la Luz, so we popped down for the weekend. Lovely beaches, with dinner served at tables actually on the sand. Conil Sunset Nice dinner on the sand
April 2002 The Easter Egg hunt, bunny seen heading into forest, but dropping eggs in escape-from-doodles bid. Rabbit Eggs!! Roaarrrr!! Happy fella Felix
25/01/2002 Christmas might be over, but that doesn't stop the Doodles from singing one of their favourites. (file's too big at the moment: have to find another location) Click for Jingle Bells video You might need to get Quicktime to see this.
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21/01/2002 And here he is: Felix Santiago, born 00:20 on 20th January 2002 Felix - Hospital Felix at Home Felix at Home
23/11/2001 Finally unpacked and settled, but would you believe it, more disruption on the way at the end of January when No. 4 arrives!! Christmas to get through first, though and they're already asking how long they have to wait. Front of house
Back of house
View out of back

Aravaca village, nr Madrid
Which house is ours?

12/03/2001 Blimey, that was knackering! Tough work, but we're nearly through. Settled in to the house, school and office, with most of the unpacking done.
06/11/2000 The next phase of the move to Spain will soon be with us: the school's arranged, the boat and shipping company are booked, the house outside Madrid is also sorted out. It's been a hectic summer, what with Amanda breaking her foot 3 days into her month in Spain, bringing Miriam over to help out until Amanda recovered, a boat trip to the London Eye, a September schools/house hunting trip to Madrid, the Severn Valley Steam Railway, etc. Cailin, Amanda, Angus & Fergus
Smile! Amanda & Myriam Cailin & Fergus @ London Aquarium Who are you? Angus - drool king Come on the lads! Angus & Uncle Simon - Angus in Blue, no, the one with hair
  Cailin, Fergus & Angus I should look more tired... Proctor Convoy
28/03/2000 We finally have a name for the baby - Angus Niall. Angus Angus
13/02/2000 No 3 has arrived. A nine pound (4.08 kg) boy was born at 15:48 Friday 4th February. He was a water birth at Charlotte's in Hammersmith, after a protracted build up and rapid delivery. Both he and Amanda are doing well, and since all he does is eat and sleep, he's pretty well-behaved. Cailin and Fergus are both pleased, although the threesome are proving a major handful. Better get some pictures up soon. Kathrine, Joe, Angus, Mark
Angus (right), with recently-born friend, Joseph.
01/12/1999 No 3 is on the way near the end of January 2000, so watch this space for details…Both children are looking forward to Christmas. The excitement mounts, with a nursery nativity play next week (Fergus playing Joseph, Cailin an Angel), and a recent trip on the Severn Valley Steam Railway Santa Special. Fergus, Grandma, Cailin
31/10/1999 Fergus & Cailin are now both attending a mixed language Spanish/English nursery school in Fulham. Amanda was awarded a B in her Spanish A Level and Mark is understanding less and less of what goes on at home. Fergus & Cailin
13/04/1999 Latest news is that Fergus has been walking for a while and is obsessed with getting into the garden or the street at every opportunity. Amanda is busy studying for her Spanish A Level in June.  

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